Free-of-charge tests with Pregnabit in the Fundacja Edukacji Zdrowotnej STIM (Health Care Education Foundation STIM)

We are happy to announce that Nestmedic has started co-operation with the Sosnowiec Fundacja Edukacji Zdrowotnej STIM. Thanks to this in the period of May 24-28, 2017, on the Foundation premises pregnant women in their 32nd week and above will be able to get a free-of-charge CTG test done with the mobile telemedical Pregnabit system.
The CTG tests with the Pregnabit device will be done on the Foundation premises by qualified midwives. Their results will be instantly analyzed by the medical staff in the Telemonitoring Medical Center
– We are proud that our system has already been used in a few medical centers which make it available to pregnant women. The CTG testing is the fundamental monitoring method in the third trimester and all women have it done. Pregnabit allows to do these tests at home and still under a careful eye of specialists, says Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, the CEO of Nestmedic
If you are pregnant and would like to have a free-of-charge CTG test done with Pegnabit, please contact the Foundation calling at: 796113723.
The Health Care Education Foundation STIM focuses on subjects connected with sexual and perinatal themes and anti-tumor preventive measures. The Foundation is run by five obstetricians with various professional and private experience.