We have signed a letter of intent with Medicover

As a part of our new co-operation we are going to conduct a business-focused pilot program under which Nestmedic is to provide research-qualified patients of selected Medicover Group medical centers a telemedical service based on the Pregnabit system. The pilot is the first stage of our activities. After the pilot gets successfully accomplished, we will aim to implement the mobile teleCTG Pregnabit in the Medicover centers. Medicover is a second chain of medical centers which wants to co-operate with Nestmedic. In Poland only, it provides medical services for 8,500 companies and 660,000 individuals. For over 10 years, the company has been aiming at developing telemedical services in its centers, enabling patients to use e-appointments or get medical advice on their phones. – Commencing co-operation with the Medicover Group we are positive that we are dealing with a very aware and experienced partner which knows the market of innovative telemedical solutions and – more importantly – has thoroughly researched patients’ needs. The fact that Medicover has chosen Pregnabit to telemonitor the wellbeing of the fetus and is going to make it available to pregnant women, only confirms that our solution meets not only patients’ expectations but also the ones of medical center management who want to offer their patients the highest value. We are happy that pregnant women monitored by the Medicover staff will quite soon be able to do a CTG test in any place and at any time using simultaneously the analytical support of the Telemonitoring Medical Center, says Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, MD PhD, a co-founder and the CEO of Nestmedic SA.