A month following the IPO on NewConnect

On June 12th, 2017 we went public on NewConnect. Many significant developments has had place during this first month. We have signed three letters of intent opening co-operation with the chains of Medicover and Blue Medica medical centers and a German reseller of telemedical devices. We have also embarked on developing Pregnabit II, a second generation of the device. – We are intensively getting prepared to implement our sales processes. Earlier this year, we announced that sales was to start in September. Bearing in mind the intensity of work and commitment, we are going to meet this deadline. We are aligning the sales communication to the needs of our target group which after beta-tests gave us important feedback on the costs and sales model, says Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, MD, PhD, a co-founder and the CEO of Nestmedic SA. A few weeks ago we started a co-operation with two chains of medical centers, Blue Medica and Medicover. The pilots in which Nestmedic is to provide the medical centers’ patients a telemedical service based on the Pregnabit system are to be implemented in the coming weeks. After successful completion of these stages of activities, the companies are planning to launch teleCTG Pregnabit on the market. The system has also attracted some interest from foreign organizations. In June, we signed a letter of intent with a German center for telemedical services, Zentrum für Telemedizin (ZTM) in Bad Kissingen, a reseller of telemedical solutions and services, mainly in Germany, but also in other European countries. – The mentioned three letters of intent are only the beginning. We have spoken with big international resellers who are very interested in starting co-operation with us. Soon we’ll be able to tell something more about the first agreements, adds Wizińska-Socha. Also, we already have a concept and funds for developing another generation of the device. Thanks to the grant of PLN 5m that we have received under the Szybka Ścieżka (Fast Track) program, our company is able to commence the R&D work on Pregnabit II, a second generation of the telemedical system – We have completed all the necessary paperwork, developed a budget plan and we are formally ready to commence the work on another version of our device. Most importantly, following the beta-testing and surveys with the patients, physicians and midwives who have used the Pregnabit system we know what new functionalities and facilities they need to work efficiently with a mobile CTG. Thanks to the grant from the NCRD we will be able to introduce them, says Anna Skotny, MD, PhD, General Manager and a co-founder of Nestmedic.