We have concluded an agreement with Polmed SA, a network of medical centers

The agreement with Polmed SA concerns lending PREGNABIT devices and providing services under the pilot program in selected medical centers. The agreement is of remunerative nature. The pilot program will include at least a dozen or so patients who will be able to use the teleCTG mobile devices which will be lent to Polmed. Following the pilot, we will start negotiations about further co-operation. The pilot will be conducted in five Polmed’s medical centers in Warsaw. The patients using Pregnabit devices will also be serviced by the Telemonitoring Medical Center, with its trained medical personnel analyzing and interpreting the incoming readings from the CTG tests performed by the women in their homes, and if its needed, responding adequately. – Polmed’s medical centers provide services for over 300,000 patients. The centers make modern, certified medical devices available to them. We are pleased that in this respect Pregnabit is to complement Polmed’s offer directed to pregnant women. Soon the women will be able to perform CTG tests in their homes, at the same time staying under the watchful care of specialists. We are hoping that positive experiences of patients, as well as of physicians and midwives will translate into extending the co-operation with Polmed, following the pilot program, says Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, PhD MD, a co-founder and the CEO of Nestmedic SA. Polmed SA has been operating since 1999 and specialized in providing medical services for individuals, companies and institutions across Poland. Polmed offers its patients medical care services rendered both in its own centers and through 2,000 medical partners. With 5,000 physicians, Polmed provides care for over 300,000 patients.