Nestmedic opens its own Telemonitoring Medical Center

Nestmedic is building the Telemonitoring Medical Center to serve clients and patients using teleCTG Soon the ongoing analysis of tests – done by women in their homes – will be performed by our own staff who will replace an outside subcontractor.

In the Telemonitoring Medical Center, qualified medical staff, additionally trained in the Pregnabit system, will handle and monitor the incoming teleCTG data. Build-up internally, the Center is to start its operations as early as in mid-November.

For us, our own Telemonitoring Medical Center means another step in the company developent strategy.

– With the telecenter being part of our structures, we will have even greater control over the level of service and the experience and competencies of staff. The quality of its work will be reviewed both from medical perspective as well as technical and organizational ones. For a couple of weeks now, the new staff have been being trained, says Ligia Kornowska, the director of the Telemonitoring Medical Center.

In spite of ongoing transformation of the organizational model, the tasks of the staff in the center remain unchanged. Their main responsibilities include monitoring, ongoing analysis, fast response, and establish a presumptive diagnosis via the Internet. The saved readings and CTG interpretations performed for all the patients and the devices assigned to them are constantly available for the physician and midwife supervising the pregnancy thanks to a dedicated panel on the Pregnabit Platform.

The Telemonitoring Medical Center is not only a team of specialized clinicians. Their work is supported with specially designed algorithms which based on the results, history and other available data organize the schedule, ensuring additional security, speed and a high quality of analysis. Thanks to them cases that need special attention are prioritized to be analyzed first.

At the beginning, the Center will be staffed by several to a dozen or so personnel, however, we are expecting that the team will grow following the growth of the distribution network of the device. The number of patients using the services of the Telemonitoring Medical Center is systematically growing. We have started regular selling of the Pregnabit system, which is currently being tested under pilot programs in over a dozen medical centers