A big success of the first tests of the Pregnabit system in Africa!

In the last week of August, in one of Kenyan hospitals, we carried out the first teleCTG test with Pregnabit in Africa. The successful result of the test proves that the system is technologically ready to be rolled out on foreign markets, also beyond the EU.

The CTG test performed with Pregnabit was carried out in a hospital in Samburu Country, Kenya. The CTG test reading was sent out from there to the Polish Telemonitoring Medical Center, localized over 6,000 kilometers away. It took only 4 minutes for the Kenyan doctor to receive information on the test result.

– We are looking for new market opportunities and responding to them. In August, we embraced the challenge of testing the teleCTG Pregnabit in Africa. Successful tests are a signal that the system woks well, no matter in what geography or local infrastructure,
 says Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, MD PhD, the CEO of Board of Directors Nestmedic.

In Kenya, where the system was tested, yearly 1.5m children are born, with 65% of them in hospitals. It is expected that annual rate of growth of the health care industry in Kenya will reach 10.8%, which will translate into USD 3.1b in 2019. At present it is quite difficult to get access to cardiotocography in Kenya: due to lack of equipment and qualified staff. The possibility of quick implementation of new telemedical solutions, which has been proven in tests, gives hope for a genuine improvement in the situation of Kenyan pregnant women and physicians’ effectiveness, and also an opportunity for manufacturers of medical equipment to expand on a very unsaturated market.

Conducting tests in Kenya, we also took the opportunity to present the device to members of the Young Medicine Managers team. These are specialists from different sectors, who focus on improving the health care system in Poland and will undoubtedly have influence on the shape of Polish health care.

– With our global expansion plans, the relationships that we are building now can be the first step to make Nestmedic one of the leaders of telemedicine development both in Poland as well as in other geographies, adds Patrycja Wizińska-Socha.

Despite the fact that now we are focusing on the European markets, selling Pregnabit globally is of strategic importance to us. Today, we building a network of sales representatives across the country and is involved in advanced talks with resellers from abroad.