Pregnabit in Medfemina Health Center

On September 15, part of an open-door day organized by Medfemina Health Center based in Wrocław, the Pregnabit team presented their innovative teleCTG system. On that day, the center was visited by many women, both their patients as well as people interested in its activities. The Pregnabit presentation was seen by approximately 100 people. The device and the telemedical service that comes in the package attracted a lot of attention. Understandably, among pregnant women in particular. The Pregnabit system has been available in Medfemina for a couple of weeks. We hope that this first-hand experience with the way the device works and the scope of services offered by the Telemonitoring Medical Center as well as user-friendliness of the device will make it easier for both the clinicians and patients to use the device, also in their homes.