Pregnabit on Askot Baby Fair in Wrocław

On Saturday, October 7, in Wrocław Askot Baby Fair was held where a few dozens of exhibitors presented their offers of products for children and parents. The fair was visited by over 1,000 people. Everyone could take part in workshops and get advice from qualified specialists. Out team was there as well, showing the Pregnabit system to parents and parents-to-be.The Pregnabit system is designed to be used by mothers-to-be, therefore we care so much to present it to as many of them as possible, the way it works and its advantages. Events dedicated for parents and children make a great occasion for presenting Pregnabit to prospect users. On Saturday, in Wrocław, with a befriended midwife and out team, we presented the teleCTG to the Askot Baby Fair’s visitors. In all, there were four presentations of our solution, says Anna Skotny, MD, PhD, a co-creator of the Pregnabit system.