A short report on two events in the gynaecology and obstetrics sector

Two meetings of specialists in gynaecology and obstetrics took place during the last weekend. On 13–14 October, the following events were held concurrently: the annual All-Poland Congress „Our Gynaecology” and the All-Poland Meeting of Childbirth Schools. The representatives of Nestmedic attended both events and presented the Pregnabit system to around 750 experts participating in the conferences in Warsaw. A wide group of specialists, many valuable lectures and discussions as well as the great opportunity to demonstrate the Pregnabit system to physicians and obstetricians: that is how we can sum up the last weekend in a few words. These two medical conferences held in Warsaw allowed us to interact and make new important contacts in the sector as well as to engage in sales talks, says Konrad Irzyk, Sales Director, Nestmedic. Other events that we are planning to attend in the nearest future include: the 17th Meeting of Childbirth Schools in Kołobrzeg, the 5th Warsaw International Healthcare Exhibition EXPO XXI, the Workshops in Warsaw and the POLMED Open Days, also in Warsaw.  We hope to meet you there!