Pregnabit at the portal’s workshops for parents

On Saturday (21 Oct), workshops for parents were organized in Warsaw by the portal. As a partner of this event, we presented Pregnabit to several dozen future mums in their 2nd or 3rd trimester and to their partners. Agnieszka Popławska, an midwife collaborating with us, gave a lecture about perinatal care. In the course of extremely interesting and interactive workshops, she managed to present the Pregnabit system and its operation to future parents. She also answered any questions they could have during individual consultations at our stand. We heard numerous queries concerning Pregnabit and perinatal care during the workshops and the entire event. We also organized a contest for female participants where they could win vouchers for a free-of-charge teleCTG Pregnabit test during the POLMED open days to which we invited all future mothers, says Agnieszka Popławska. The next workshop session by will be held in November.