The creators of Pregnabit among the Tomorrownauts of Gazeta Wyborcza

On 6 November in Wrocław, a meeting was held as part of the cycle called “Tomorrownauts. Reach beyond the horizon.” The Gazeta Wyborcza Daily invited entrepreneurs, activists, scientists and artists to share their experiences on the journey to success. The creators of the Pregnabit system were also attending. At the Monday event, Anna Skotny talked about the process of developing such an innovative solution, from the teleCTG concept to the implementation in the Polish market. All tomorrownauts were asked this question: how were you able to make your ideas and vision come true, which personal qualities were important in the process and did you have any moments of doubt on the way? A significant aspect was that our activities shaped the future. I was glad to speak about the teleCTG concept and the mission of Nestmedic as well as our experiences and hard work that allowed us to make Pregnabit available in several dozen medical centres. This number is growing and we are constantly receiving positive feedback from satisfied mothers and their physicians. I am extremely happy that we have been included in the group of tomorrownauts: people who have a vision of tomorrow and shape the future, says Anna Skotny, M.D. and co-creator of Pregnabit. The full talk with Anna Skotny is available here: