Pregnabit at the Open Day of the Medfemina Hospital

On Saturday, 25 November, we demonstrated how teleCTG Pregnabit works in practice during the Open Day at the Medfemina Hospital in Wrocław. We made more than a dozen presentations for pregnant women and their families. Many women associate the CTG test with a necessary visit to a hospital and long queues, which can be a stressful and uncomfortable situation for future mothers. TeleCTG Pregnabit allows to do the test at any place and any time, so it is no wonder that it has aroused a lot of interest among pregnant women. The appealing design, compactness and easy operation of our device were also much appreciated by the participants in the presentation. What turned out to be an important aspect was the comprehensive scope of our service which combines the Pregnabit system with the Telemonitoring Medical Centre which analyses CTG test results 24/7 and responds if need be. During the conversations we had, women who were pregnant for the first time emphasised their need for feeling safe. They really appreciate that they can use Pregnabit whenever they need and do the test virtually everywhere, says Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, CEO at Nestmedic. Meanwhile, pregnant women who already have kids are happy they can do the test at home. They look after their children, so it is inconvenient for them leave home in order to do the necessary CTG tests. They value the comfort that Pregnabit offers. TeleCTG Pregnabit has been available at the Medfemina Health Centre since October this year. It is there for the patients of the Centre and of the first private gynaecology and obstetrics hospital in Wrocław.