The first foreign contract of Nestmedic S.A.

We have just signed a contract with eMedica Ltd., a Kenyan company offering a selection of telemedicine solutions supporting the healthcare system in Africa. The mobile CTG Pregnabit will be a new addition to the offer. The entry into the rapidly developing medical market in Kenya is one of the key elements in our international expansion strategy.  The value of the growing healthcare sector in Kenya will reach USD 3.1bn in 2019. eMedica Ltd. provides high-quality telemedicine services and state-of-the-art technologies that help diagnose and treat patients in Africa. We are very happy to enter this prospective and fast-growing market. But this is just the beginning. Currently, we are receiving inquiries about the Pregnabit system virtually from all over the world. Soon we will inform about new implementations, including the EU countries, says Patrycja Wizińska-Socha. Africa is facing the challenges of very limited access to healthcare and a shortage in qualified medical personnel, so telemedicine solutions find a ready and open market. Pregnabit may turn out to be extremely useful in Kenya and the eastern parts of Africa, where even major hospitals hardly ever have a CTG device. It is even a rarer situation to find specialists who can read and interpret the foetal health test results. In August 2017, we did the first teleCTG test in Africa. We confirmed that our device is technologically ready to be implemented in foreign markets regardless of the actual geographical location. 1.5 million children are born in Kenya every year, 65% in hospitals. To improve the perinatal care is now the priority of Kenya’s government, so the cardiotocography (CTG) test may become the gold standard in the third trimester.