“Jak to działa?” – Pregnabit on TVP1

Turn on TVP1 – Polish TV Channel 1 – this Sunday, 28 January, at 9:15am. The Pregnabit system will be presented by Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, CEO at Nestmedic, in the new episode of “Jak to działa?” (How does it work?). The host of this popular science TV show is Radek Brzózka, who explores the mysteries and ins and outs of interesting everyday devices as well as natural phenomena. Using them as examples, he explains the basic laws of physics in the world around us. This time, Radek Brzózka takes a closer look at the cutting-edge achievement in telemedicine: teleCTG Pregnabit. You will see how our system works and why such solutions revolutionise contemporary medicine.