Pregnabit’s presentation tour at international trade fairs continues

Last weekend, Nestmedic’s team presented the teleCTG solution at events in Poland and abroad. Thanks to the grant from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP), we had the opportunity to present Pregnabit at the International Medical Fair India in Mumbai as well as during the SALMED International Trade Fair in Poznań. In India, which is one of the most promising markets of medical equipment and technology in the world, our solution met with enthusiastic interest. During the event in Mumbai, we were asked about the possibility to use teleCTG by patients when visiting local medical centres as well as during the doctor’s home visits in locations far away from cities and medical facilities. The Indian market of medical devices has been estimated at approximately USD 8 billion and as such it is the target for the teleCTG implementation as part of our growth strategy. The figures speak for themselves: the healthcare expenditure in India exceeds USD 160 billion and it is predicted to reach USD 300 billion by 2020. Obviously, it will be necessary to develop a customised model of collaboration for such countries as India, but we are well-prepared for this. During the event at Mumbai we made numerous new contacts and commenced initial business talks which will be continued, says Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, CEO at Nestmedic. Our participation in the 27th edition of the 2018 SALMED International Trade Fair of Medical Equipment and Instruments was also a success. In Poznań, we had a great opportunity to present Pregnabit and exchange experiences as well as to meet specialists and representatives of the medical industry.