The new phase of the Nestmedic expansion

Mobile CTG system Pregnabit is already present on the five markets of Western Europe. According to the newly adopted corporate strategy, by 2023 the company will dynamically increase its scale abroad. The International Expansion department will be led by Sławomir Bartoszcze – a manager with many years of experience in the area of commercialization of medical solutions. In accordance with the announced Corporate Strategy of Nestmedic, the Group’s activities in the following years will focus primarily on international expansion. In-depth analyzes have identified 20 key countries in which the company will undertake dynamic commercialization activities. Their goal is that 0.2% – 5% of the total annual number of deliveries in these countries should be preceded by CTG tests performed with the Pregnabit device. The Nestmedic plan assumes that the period of reaching such defined market saturation may take approx. 2-3 years. Sławomir Bartoszcze, the new director of international expansion at Nestmedic, will work on the implementation of the strategy. He is a manager with many years of experience in the area of commercialization of medical solutions acquired in such corporations as CompuGroup Medical Poland, GlaxoSmithKline or Pilva Kraków. – The unique Nestmedic solution gives the opportunity to scale sales on at least a dozen or so absorptive markets. I will use my experience to give new impetus to the commercialization of the Pregnabit system on foreign markets – emphasizes Sławomir Bartoszcze.As players from the Scandinavian market, we are looking for innovative products, and Pregnabit perfectly fits in this category. This is the future of patient care – comments Anu Parviainen, a representative of Steripolar Oy, an operator that supplies devices for the Finnish and Swedish medical sector, and also the business partner of Nestmedic S.A. In recent months, the Pregnabit mobile system has been successfully implemented on three markets in Western Europe, Asia and Africa. In pilot formula, the remote CTG may already be used by pregnant women in Finland, Denmark, Portugal, Qatar and Kenya. Nestmedic’s foreign partners represent private and public health care sector. – The global commercialization of our remote fetal monitoring system is entering a new phase. We are gradually implementing our system, and the newly announced Corporate Strategy of the Nestmedic Group will optimize our activities, focusing on markets with significant absorption of innovative telemedicine solutions. – adds MD Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, chairman of the board and co-founder of Nestmedic S.A. TVP 1 about Pregnabit There is already a movie about Pregnabit, which was part of the TVP1 series “The Great Test – Poles who changed the world”. The episode was watched by 1.5 million viewers. Have you seen it yet?