Nestmedic strengthens the team along the way on global markets

Konrad Kowalczuk joined the board of directors, taking over the position of Director of Strategy and Development. The Nestmedic team was also strengthened by new managers for Expansion and Technology. The goal is one: the strengthened, experienced team Nestmedic is to implement a new company development strategy.  Konrad Kowalczuk is a manager with many years of experience in the field of telemedicine and capital market. The new board member will act as the director of strategy and development. – Our company is on the verge of a new phase of expansion. Having a ready, competitive product, we need human capital, an injection of new talents, in order to face the challenge of global commercialization of the Pregnabit system – emphasizes Jacek Szkurłat, chairman of the Nestmedic supervisory board. According to the recently announced Corporate Strategy, Nestmedic has identified up to 20 markets on which it intends to take active steps, aimed at cooperation with local partners and distribution and sales networks of the Pregnabit system. In connection with the implementation of the strategy, the ambition of the company’s management board is to achieve a cumulative amount of revenues in the years 2018-2023 at the level of 149-307 million PLN. – The Pregnabit system offered by the Nestmedic Group is a breakthrough solution, bearing all the features of a globally scalable solution. It is accompanied by a mature, custom-made business model based on B2B contact. By joining the company, I am aware of the number of challenges, but also the opportunities that Nestmedic is facing. Telemedicine is a very promising market and the key to success is to reduce costs, time and be consistent in action – says Konrad Kowalczuk, new member of the management board of Nestmedic. – Our vision of creating a global telemedical group requires the involvement of high-class specialists. Hence the decision to employ Konrad Kowalczuk. In the last week we were also joined by Sławomir Bartoszcze and Maciej Stachowiak, responsible for – respectively – international expansion and technological know-how – adds MD Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, chairman of the board and co-founder of Nestmedic S.A. Sławomir Bartoszcze is an expert in the field of commercialization of medical solutions on foreign markets. At the earlier stages of his career he was associated with international corporations, such as CompuGroup Medical Poland, GlaxoSmithKline or Pilva Kraków. Maciej Stachowiak is a specialist in medical informatics, in particular telemedicine, whose experience derives from a number of technological projects implemented for, inter alia, Roche, Genentech. As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) he was responsible for the development of Sweet Life – telemedicine platform to facilitate life for people struggling with diabetes. At Nestmedic he will combine function of CTO with the position of  the director of research and development.