Remote monitoring and treatment is the future of healthcare

Telemedicine is a dynamically developing sector in the care of the patient. The Rzeczpospolita, in an article from 11 September 2018, reports how the issue looks in Poland. The title is “Remote monitoring and treatment is the future of healthcare”. Katarzyna Kucharczyk, an author of the article, claims: “More than half of Poles want to use telemedicine. In 2030, we will live on average 80 years compared to the current 75 years. There are more and more elderly and chronically ill people, and there are fewer and fewer doctors. Demography forces a change in the model of medical care. Telemedicine can not replace it, but it can be support and complement. In the West, telemedicine services are thriving. Poland is only at the beginning of this path. According to the Center of Information Systems for Health Care only 8 percent healing entities in our country use Telemedicine solutions.” The article also talks about Nestmedic and our teleCTG Pregnabit solution. We wish you a pleasant reading (link).