European Innovation Week – We were part of it!

Last week, Lublin was filled with experts, companies and supporters of innovative solutions, both Polish and foreign. The reason was the second edition of the European Innovation Week.  The Pregnabit system has also been presented.

Fot. Archiwum LCK

Program of the event was rich and diverse – technologies, innovations, research projects and their financing. Sławomir Bartoszcze, Nestmedic’s Director of International Expansion, was invited to participate in the panel “Health 2.0 – new technological trends” to present the Pregnabit teleCTG system. We encourage you to watch his presentation available in the following link ( minutes 11-20 of the video, material available in Polish)
ETI 2018

Opublikowany przez Smart Lubelskie/ Europejski Tydzień Innowacji Piątek, 21 września 2018
The message of the panel “Health 2.0 – new technological trends”, which we refer to below, is very consistent with the directions of our company. “Health 2.0, defined by combining health data and health information with patient experience through the use of new information technologies allows the patient to become an active and responsible partner on his or her way to health. It sets a new paradigm in health care, which manifests itself not only in the increasing knowledge and activity of patients (empowered patient) but also the provision of medical services on the basis of social participation, relocating treatment from hospital to home, expanding the group of people providing support to a sick person, including family, friends and even foreign people other than medical staff members. Health 2.0 is nothing but a health care generated by users, which is an attempt to answer the challenges posed to medicine by diseases that put particular strain on healthcare systems, especially lifestyle diseases and chronic conditions. “