The voice of the president of MCT in the discussion on digital medicine

On October 2 this year, in Warsaw, the Second Congress of Health Vision, Diagnosis and Future of Medical Foresight took place. Ligia Kornowska, President of the Medical Telemonitoring Center, took part in the debate on “The Vision of Digital Medicine – How Fast Will It Revolutionize Polish Reality?” “The digitization of health care brings enormous benefits to the patient. We could be an example – Medical Telemonitoring Center- a medical entity that since the first day of its operation has been digitized and adheres to the principle of “zero paper”. We can see very clearly how computerization affects the improvement of the patient’s diagnosis quality. We constantly monitor the response time of our medical experts and the type of reaction. If the situation requires it, we can replay the conversation with the patient and even follow the movement on the platform. This means that we catch any shortcomings immediately, taking care of the highest quality standards. The digitization of medical entities should enable better supervision over patient care. “ – said Ligia Kornowska. Medical Telemonitoring Center is a medical entity that serves clients and patients using the Pregnabit mobile CTG.