We have signed a contract for the sale of the Pregnabit system on the foreign market

We have concluded negotiations and signed a cooperation agreement with Finnish distributor Steripolar Oy. The contract defines the commercial distribution conditions of the Pregnabit telemedicine system in Finland and is the first major step in the planned international expansion. In accordance with previous announcements, Nestmedic and Steripol Oy have established commercial terms of cooperation in the distribution of the Pregnabit telemedicine system on the Finnish market. Finland is one of the most open markets for innovations and telemedicine solutions. It also has large financial outlays for health care and perinatal care. The annual number of births in Finland is 61.000, and the e-health spending forecasts for 2018 assume USD 41 million. „Tests of the Pregnabit CTG, carried out in one of the leading hospitals, have been successfully completed. Thanks to this, we could conduct negotiations with the distributor regarding the improvement of the terms of cooperation. We are happy that many months of our efforts ended with the signing of the contract. In accordance with previous declarations, we have kept the date of its conclusion and we are starting a new chapter in the development of Nestmedic. We are very pleased that we cooperate with a partner who has over 30 years of experience in the distribution of medical equipment, which gives us the opportunity to effectively commercialize our system on the Finnish market”  – comments Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, President of Nestmedic. The signed agreement sets out the commercial terms of cooperation and the sales plan. In Finland, a new cooperation model is being implemented. The company sells equipment and access to the Pregnabit telemedicine platform, however it does not interpret the results of the CTG tests. These will be assessed directly by the local hospital’s medical staff, as well as tests from stationary devices. Entering the Finnish market is the first step for further expansion into Scandinavian countries which, in the first phase of business development outside of Poland, are among the most attractive markets in Europe. Nestmedic’s cooperation with Steripolar Oy and the implementation of the Pregnabit teleCTG in hospitals creates the opportunity for development in other Scandinavian countries, due to the cooperation of local clinics with Finnish entities. „All Scandinavian countries are open to innovative telemedicine solutions that increase the standards of perinatal care and put a lot of emphasis on health protection. In addition, in these countries the midwife, for whom our system is a great facilitation at work, plays a key role in perinatal care” – emphasizes Patrycja Wizińska – Socha, President of Nestmedic.