Imperative of innovation. Necessity or risk for the 21st century.

Last week, on November 26, there was a discussion panel entitled “Imperative of innovation. Necessity or risk for the 21st century. ” The event was accompanied by the Orły Innowacji gala, organized by the Rzeczpospolita daily. Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, President of Nestmedic SA, took part in the discussion.

Photo by  Archiwum Rzeczpospolitej.

The subject of discussion within the panel was the role of innovative solutions in our reality. Participants reflected on what modern innovation really is. They polemicized whether every innovation is worth attention and where innovation ends and the marketing gimmick begins. An important topic of the discussion was the question of how to make your way in the current flood of innovation and latest scientific technologies. Patrycja Wizińska-Socha indicated in her statements the necessity of prudent use of technology.  If there are technologies that facilitate our everyday life, help reduce the time and irritation of certain activities or take care of health, it is definitely worth paying attention to them. Our future will depend on such solutions – she said, among other things. The Orły Innowacji gala is an event that distinguish companies conducting research and activities aimed at introducing innovative products and services to the Polish market, in many areas. More information about the contest is available at the link below: