In 2018, we tripled the number of tests

In 2018, we conducted 2059 tests in Poland, almost three times more than in 2017 and a total of 109 tests abroad.

We are pleased with the growing number of tests carried out on our telemedical CTG. From the beginning of the operation of the teleCTG Pregnabit, 2800 tests have been carried out on the market – comments Patrycja Wizińska – Socha, President of Nestmedic.

Nestmedic plans further foreign expansion and in 2019 we will focus mainly on the European Union market and commercialization of ongoing talks with individual distributors. – Next year, we expect the first commercial contracts in the European Union. We hope that among them will be primarily Finland but also Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Greece. We also see great potential in African and Arab countries. – says Patrycja Wizińska – Socha, President of Nestmedic.

The country outside of Europe, where Nestmedic with its mobile CTG wants to appear first next year, is the United States. In addition, the Company intends to actively implement Pregnabit on the Nigerian market in accordance with a recently signed agreement with the local distributor.