Innovative solutions during E(x)plory

We have attended the 8th E(x)plory Congress, an event dedicated to inventors and innovators interested in the transfer of their technologies. The keynote theme of this year’s edition was: “Where Technology Meets Business”.

Photo Archive Grupy Vidoq

Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, CEO of Nestmedic S.A., was invited to attend a panel of experts: “Transfer of Innovative Technology: Possibilities, Opportunities and Methods.” During the session, she focused on the key steps on the way between an innovative concept and its market implementation, which every start-up must follow. She also tried to answer the question: What is particularly important and helpful along that path? In her opinion, a clearly defined goal, enthusiasm and consistency in all efforts to achieve that goal are all a must. Last but not least, it will be the investors who not only provide an indispensable financial support, but also act as active partners in the process of business planning and creation. This considerably shortens the commercialisation path.

Following the panel of experts, 15 teams presented their innovative ideas in the area of advanced technologies. And it must be said that the level of innovation and diversity of their presentations was truly impressive.

If you are interested in more details about the Congress, please visit the event website: