Nestmedic S.A. enters the Bulgarian market with Pregnabit devices

We have signed a distribution agreement with a Bulgarian company, Inter Business’91 Ltd. Pursuant to the agreement, preceded by a pilot implementation in the medical facility, Pregnabit devices will find their place in „Maichin Dom”  hospital in Bulgaria. The planned launch date for the Pregnabit system is the end of October and the beginning of November. This is another successful sales deal for the system on the foreign market.

As a result of the Company activities with a local partner, Inter Business’91 Ltd., a pilot implementation of the Pregnabit system has been completed in recent months at „Maichin Dom” hospital in Sofia. It is the largest of Bulgarian hospitals with the total annual birth figure of 4000. It professionally focuses on high-risk pregnancies, including on patients with concomitant diseases, requiring intensive care. The facility wants to be a country leader in innovative care over pregnant patients. As a result of successful tests of the Pregnabit system at „Maichin Dom”, an order was placed by the partner for the purchase of the first Pregnabit devices with the accompanying monthly subscriptions.

Inter Business’91 Ltd., a strategic partner of the Company on the Bulgarian market, has been involved in the distribution of medical equipment for almost 30 years now. The agreement signed by the parties provides not only for the purchase of devices and subscriptions for „Maichin Dom” but also for the sales of the Pregnabit system to other medical establishments.

In the opinion of the Company authorities, the Bulgarian market is a prospective one, as the average annual birth rate in Bulgaria stands at 63,786.

Selling Pregnabit devices to „Maichin Dom” hospital is another important step in our foreign expansion strategy. We have signed a distribution agreement with the company that is highly experienced in marketing telemedical devices in Bulgaria. This portends well for new sales of the Pregnabit system on that market. We are currently implementing the system at „Maichin Dom”so that the patients could use and appreciate the Pregnabit teleCTG as soon as possible, says Sławomir Bartoszcze, Director of International Expansion.