Nestmedic prolongs a pilot implementation programme with Diagnostyka – a network of medical laboratories in Kraków

The pilot implementation of Pregnabit mobile CTG – Nestmedic’s flagship product will last until the end of March at selected establishments of Diagnostyka – a network of medical laboratories in Kraków. The parties’ test cooperation began in November and was to last until the end of December. Its extension will allow more patients and doctors to use the innovative telemedical device. At the moment, Diagnostyka’s offer reaches 15 million patients a year, all over Poland.

The pilot implementation of the solution by Nestmedic at Diagnostyka’s laboratories is another important step towards commercialisation of the mobile teleCTG on the local market. The Pregnabit system with a dedicated platform for handling and analysing CTG test records has extended the portfolio of the network’s dedicated pregnancy care services. Indeed, pregnant women are an important group of patients for whom Diagnostyka already provides a wide range of tests and services. Remote teleCTG care will be a new and important part of the service proposal.

– Having consulted the management of Diagnostyka, we came to the conclusion that a two-month cooperation period is too short to draw specific conclusions. Therefore, we decided to extend the pilot implementation programme to reach the largest group of pregnant women and doctors with our product. We forecast that as Christmas approaches, interest in our mobile CTG Pregnabit will increase significantly. Thanks to our solution, expecting mothers can check the well-being of their child at any time and anywhere, without having to visit a medical establishment, says Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, Member of Nestmedic Management Board.

The combination of Diagnostyka’s wide reach to patients with innovation and mobility provided by the Pregnabit system offers a real chance of improving the quality of perinatal care in Poland. In the parties’ opinion, the introduction of teleCTG to the network of Diagnostyka’s facilities will ultimately exert a positive impact on the availability of CTG examination across the country. It will also let patients borrow Pregnabit devices, including via doctors from smaller facilities and individual surgeries.

Diagnostyka has over 800 facilities in Poland, dedicated to individual patients, and also cooperates with several thousand third-party healthcare facilities, offering over 2500 types of tests. A group that is strongly represented among cooperating professionals comprises gynaecologists and obstetricians.