Nestmedic with another tranche of financing from Deutsche Balaton Aktiengesellschaft

Nestmedic, a company from the medical industry listed on NewConnect, obtained further funds from the German fund Deutsche Balaton AG. The German investor decided to convert 500,000. warrants per share of PLN 1.5 each. Co-financing in the amount of PLN 750 thousand PLN will help the company in commercialization of the company’s flagship project – mobile CTG Pregnabit on foreign markets.

The transaction is a consequence of an investment agreement between Nestmedic and the German fund Deutsche Balaton Aktiengesellschaft. The total value of the contract is up to approx. PLN 8.6 million. The funds obtained from a foreign investor are an opportunity to use the international potential of the Pregnabit system.

– Another transaction with Deutsche Balaton AG, but also the recently acquired investor, who intends to transfer funds in the amount of nearly half a million PLN, gives us stability and opens new development prospects for Nestmedic. In the coming months, we intend to focus on further commercialization of the mobile KTG Pregnabit on foreign markets – comments Jacek Gnich, CEO of Nestmedic.

CTG Pregnabit, the flagship project of Nestmedic, is a telemedicine system designed to study the well-being of the fetus, anywhere and anytime, without the need to visit a medical facility. The company is systematically expanding the availability of the device on the Polish market – both in private and state medical centers. This year, the company signed a commercial contract with the hospital in Głubczyce and the University Teaching Hospital in Białystok. The device can also be used by female patients in Bulgaria and Finland.

Nestmedic to facilitate access to teleCTG for pregnant women Pregnabit has launched the possibility of renting Pregnabit devices via its website. The courier will deliver them to the address indicated within 48 hours. This service will reduce the number of visits to health centers, which is particularly important in times of epidemiological threats.