Nestmedic is a partner of the “TeleHeart – Heart under control” campaign

The innovative telemedicine company Nestmedic, the producer of the mobile KTG device Pregnabit, joins the campaign “TeleHeart – Heart under control:. The project aims to promote telemedicine solutions – a series of webinars, media initiatives and a pilot telemedicine care program will be included in the project, which will include various groups of patients from all over the country.

– The global situation related to the coronavirus pandemic forced technological acceleration in medicine, where so far most of the processes were carried out in an analog manner, and modern, digital solutions were only an addition. Actions such as the TeleSerce campaign are a great opportunity to educate and promote telemedicine solutions that have become part of our everyday life – comments Jacek Gnich, CEO of Nestmedic.

The educational campaign “TeleHeart – Heart under control” aims to educate Poles about the practical applications of telemedicine. The campaign is divided into two stages. The first is a series of educational webinars on the practical applications of telemedine. The lectures include a presentation by Dr Robert Woyton, who will present the possibilities of remote care for pregnant women. The second stage will include a pilot telemedicine care program, which will include, inter alia, pregnant patients in order to provide them with safe, remote perinatal care. The campaign will be crowned with a report containing recommendations of experts on the improvement of implementations in the field of telemedicine solutions.

The telemedicine CTG Pregnabit device allows you to carry out the examination anywhere and anytime, without the need to visit the hospital. CTG records are analyzed on an ongoing basis by specialists from the Medical Telemonitoring Center. Qualified medical personnel is in constant contact with the patient and in case of irregularities in the examination they implement appropriate procedures, including calling an ambulance.