800 CTG Pregnabit tests as part of a pilot program in Wrocław

An innovative telemedicine company Nestmedic S.A. summarizes the pilot program entitled “Be safe. Mobile CTG for pregnant women ”in Wrocław. For 4 months, pregnant women living in this city could borrow a system for remote monitoring of fetal well-being – KTG Pregnabit, free of charge.

– I am very pleased that during this project, thanks to the cooperation with Wrocław City Hall, we were able to take even greater care of the health and safety of pregnant women in the capital of Lower Silesia . – comments Jacek Gnich, CEO of Nestmedic.

The pilot program ran from May 26, 2021 to the end of September 2021. During this period, 66 pregnant patients used the Pregnabit KTG device, in total over 800 tests were performed.

– KTG is used to monitor the well-being of the fetus in the third trimester of pregnancy. It is especially important at the end of the examination, when the risk of complications increases. Thanks to the innovative solution, using the Pregnabit device, it is possible to conduct such a test in a professional manner, at home – without the need to visit a hospital or other medical unit. Due to the comfort of use and increased safety during pregnancy when using teleKTG, recently this solution is gaining popularity, finding many supporters among doctors, midwives and patients themselves – explains MD Dr. Robert Woytoń

The program was supported by a marketing campaign actively supported by the Mayor of Wrocław in his social media. Posters promoting the action could be found, among others, in public transport vehicles.

Patients also expressed favorable opinions about the city’s initiative and the need for the project as a remote perinatal care for every woman in the third trimester throughout Poland.

– I think it’s a very good initiative. I think that, like me, many women who are pregnant for the first time have a constant anxiety in the back of their heads that everything is going well. Such private CTG, at least partially, relieves our fears and allows us to conduct the examination in the comfort of our home. In addition, the co-financing of the program is a big plus, and it is known that during pregnancy the costs of visits to doctors or tests, which are mostly done privately (you should not count on the National Health Fund), are significant. Such a free program is very important and needed, so I hope it will be maintained and with more devices – comments Daria, one of the participants of the program