7 Nov 2022

Distribution agreement with BTL Zdravotnická Technika, A.S.

The Management Board of Nestmedic S.A., with its registered office in Warsaw, _further referred to as the “Company”, “Issuer”_, in pursuit of the objectives set out in the updated strategy of the Issuer’s capital group for 2018-2023, communicated to the public on 6 October 2020, by ESPI current report No. 35/2020, i.e. in particular to build cooperation and relations with foreign partners and distribution network, announces that on 03 November 2022, a bilateral distribution agreement _further referred to as the “Agreement”_ was signed with BTL Zdravotnická Technika, A.S. _ hereinafter the “Distributor”_.

The subject matter of the Agreement is the granting to the Distributor of the right to distribute the PREGNABIT PRO equipment specified in the Agreement and the licence to use the PREGNABIT CLOUD Platform _ hereinafter “Products” _ in the agreed territory covering the Czech Republic , as well as the right to offer and provide to end users – customers or third parties operating in the aforementioned territory, such as hospitals and other treatment centres – services concerning the Products, including in particular implementation and maintenance services, as well as training concerning the Products, under the terms and conditions specified in the Agreement.
The Distributor will perform all activities under the Agreement in its own name and on its own account as an independent entity. The Issuer will not act as a party to agreements between third parties and the Distributor. The Agreement provides that the Distributor will also undertake the agreed marketing activities, inter alia, by promoting the sale of the Products in the territory indicated above in order to make the best use of the market potential of the Products.

The Agreement was concluded for a fixed period of two  years with the possibility of its extension.

The Issuer considered the above information important due to the fact that gaining a foreign partner opens up the possibility of promoting and implementing the Issuer’s Products on new markets, which in the Management Board’s opinion may have a significant impact on the Issuer’s and its capital group’s financial situation in the future.

7 Nov 2022

Extraordinary General Meeting of the Issuer’s Shareholders

The Management Board of Nestmedic S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw _”Company”, “Issuer”_ announces that an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Issuer’s Shareholders has been convened for 25 November 2022, which will commence at 10:00 a.m. at the Issuer’s registered office in Warsaw – 20 Pasymska Street, 01-993 Warsaw.

The detailed agenda of the convened Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company includes:
1. Opening of the General Meeting.
2. Election of the Chairman of the General Meeting. 
3. Adoption of a resolution on an increase in the share capital of Nestmedic S.A. by way of an issue of ordinary bearer series O shares by way of a private subscription and depriving the shareholders of the pre-emptive right to series O shares in full and amending the Articles of Association of Nestmedic S.A.
4. Adoption of a resolution to amend the Company’s Articles of Association providing for the authorisation of the Management Board to increase the share capital within the limits of the authorised capital, together with the possibility for the Management Board to exclude the pre-emptive rights of shareholders concerning any increase in the share capital within the limits of the authorised capital upon prior approval of the Supervisory Board.
5. Closing of the General Meeting.


Shareholders’ attention is drawn to the possibility of granting a proxy to attend and vote on behalf of Shareholders in accordance with the voting instructions. The proxy may be, among others, a designated employee of the Issuer. If you have any questions regarding proxy voting, please contact us at the following email address:


4 Nov 2022

“Norwegian funds- support for Polish health care”.

In the latest – third – instalment of the Norwegian Funds, Poland will receive EUR 20 million for the implementation of the Health Programme by the Ministry of Health.

The aim of the project is primarily to significantly reduce inequalities in access to medical services. According to experts participating in this project, modern digital solutions should be introduced in such areas of medicine as cardiology, geriatrics, obstetrics, psychiatry, palliative care, diabetology or support for patients suffering from chronic diseases.