Moms about the Pregnabit system

The best product verifiers are its users. Below are two opinions of moms who used the Pregnabit system.


I’ve been using the teleCTG for more than 3 months now and I can say that, knowing what defect Tosia has, it would sometimes be difficult for me to stay calm without my daily monitoring. Especially when I feel worse.”

Beata, Tosia’s mom


I believe that for every woman in the third trimester of pregnancy, such self-control is important because it gives a sense of security. And it is well known that a mom-to-be does not care for anything and anybody as much as for a baby in her belly. Pregnabit improves a feeling of self-control and security. There is no diagnosis of threaten miscarriage, my pregnancy is treated like any other. The use of Pregnabit, however, gives me a possibility of self-control, listening to my baby son’s heartbeat and establishing an earlier relationship with him. This is priceless.