Business model

The Pregnabit Pro solution is a complete system for monitoring fetal and maternal well-being in the final weeks of pregnancy. The dedicated platform, built on the basis of in-depth research, is tailored to the needs of both Professionals, who have direct contact with the Patient, and the Patients themselves, who, thanks to access to their results, can calmly and consciously prepare for the arrival of their baby into the world.

We have also met the needs of Distributors, who can manage the network of their customers through a single platform. The device itself meets the highest market requirements, thanks to which we get the highest quality of research we provide.

Many years of market analysis, which we carried out together with the community of Gynecologists and Midwives, helped us create an offer tailored to our times, adjusted to each type of Partner of our Company.

The main goal of the Company is to provide professionals from countries all over Europe, and in the future from all over the world, with solutions for monitoring fetal well-being at home. The company markets its products directly to hospitals and medical professionals and indirectly through medical equipment distributors.

Nestmedic is able to adapt to the needs of its customers, which is why its business model includes both the sale of products and the provision of services related to their operation in the market. An example is the activity on the Polish market in the “Full service concept” model, where the company offers a range of services from shipping equipment to customers to describing CTG examinations by experienced medical personnel.

Nestmedic’s business focuses on the production and sale of Pregnabit Pro and Pregnabit Cloud medical devices, which are certified for compliance with the new Regulation (EU) 2017/745 on medical devices.


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