Business model

Business model

The Pregnabit® device together with the program platform is dedicated to medical professionals and in this sense it is a medical solution offered in a B2B model. The market research and consultations with gynecologists and midwives at the preparatory stage before commercializing the solution enabled us to create a well thought-through proposition that is customized for specific needs of any professional environment, clients of the Company.

In its design the business model created by Nestmedic, tailored to the needs of the market and the operating ways of the Company, is to be a source of outstanding business performance.

Manufacturing – technologically sophisticated manufacturing processes ensure full control over the product quality, upholding the highest standards at every stage of the process (ISO 13485) and protection of technological secrets.

Distribution and retail sales in Poland – the product offer of the Company is directed to private service providers in the first place, i.e. Private clinics, surgeries, and practices offering OB/GYN services. Another target group are midwives involved in so called pilot appointments, visiting pregnant women in their homes. Sales will also be performed in antenatal class centers. To get to a possibly largest group of the aforementioned clients the Company will diversify its ways of selling the diagnostic devices and services co-operating with salespeople having previous experience in the medical sector – distributors of medical devices and disposable medical products.

Distribution and sales abroad – will be performed through co-operation with local partners – resellers of hi-tech medical equipment and telemedical device operator network based on a revenue sharing model. On some foreign markets, due to their country-specific regulatory restrictions, Nestmedic is planning to open local telemonitoring centers, co-operating with foreign partners.

Specialist services – by applying a 3G/GSM/GPRS module and creating a telemonitoring center, the Company will offer a specialist service of wireless CTG readings.