The company’s strategic aim is to achieve the leader’s position in the telemedical market in the scope of the state-of-the-art OB/GYN diagnostics in Poland and abroad. Especially, in the five-year perspective, the Company is aiming to attain the leading position in the market of wireless testing of the fetal well-being using the telecardiotocography (teleCTG) and leader’s position in telemedicine in Poland. Nestmedic is going to bring this plan to fruition through organic development, attaining a fast pace of growth and ensuring end-customer satisfaction. To meet the aforementioned strategic goal, we are going to build the company equity through continuous development of new products and specialist diagnostic services linked to the products and selling them on a subscription basis.


An in-depth business development-focused analysis of particular foreign markets for pregnancy diagnosis devices, and mobile CTG ones in particular – paying attention to the local demographic and economic circumstances, profiles of health care systems, their quality, structures and levels of refunding, economic and regulatory limitations – allowed us to assess the potential value of these markets, their attractiveness in terms of the possibility of realizing planned sales figures, and what it entails, prioritizing them.