The Pregnabit manufacturer opens a Telemonitoring Medical Center

The Pregnabit manufacturer opens the Telemonitoring Medical Center to serve clients and patients using its mobile CTG. The center is to analyze in real time the CTG test results carried out by pregnant women. The center is not only a team of appropriately trained medical staff but also special algorithms ensuring additional security, speed and quality of the analyses. Launching the telemonitoring service is the last step in the process of delivering the Pregnabit solution, first in Poland and then in Europe and across the world.

The women using Pregnabit will send their CTG test results to the Telecenter. The specialists employed in the Telecenter will analyze the recordings and contact the patients.

– When the results are all right, the woman will be informed about it with a text message. However, if anything raises concerns of the medical staff, appropriate procedures will be set off, e.g. they will ask for another CTG test or call for an ambulance. All the examination results are to be stored on servers and available for the patient and her doctor 24/7 from anywhere,

says Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, MD PhD, the initiator and proponent of the mobile CTG Pregnabit device and the CEO of Nestmedic.

The work of the Telecenter staff is supported with specially designed algorithms which based on the results, history and other available data organize the schedule, ensuring that the cases that require special attention get analyzed as quickly as possible.