Nestmedic at StartUp Wrocław: meetup #7 – E-health

On Monday, 16 April, Jan Tarka, Nestmedic’s representative, had an opportunity to speak at the StartUp Wrocław event devoted to e-health. His presentation was titled “No longer a start-up, not yet a company. Challenges in technological development of medical companies”. The meeting created a space for discussions about the impact of mobile applications, remote specialist consultations and artificial intelligence on development of medicine. Participants in the meeting could learn what modern solutions are available to patients as well as what projects are developed and implemented. During the presentation I was able to say a few words about the Pregnabit system as well as challenges and problems in the process of developing a company in the sector of telemedicine, says Jan Tarka, Technology Director at Nestmedic. The participants were interested in the financing options for businesses operating in the medical technology industry, preparation of applications for grants and medical certification.