Together with the IMM we have prepared a report on publications related to perinatal tests

Where do Polish women look for information about CTG, ultrasound and other tests? Do they have sufficient knowledge in this respect? We joined the Institute of Media Monitoring (IMM) to find out.  Mothers make up a large and engaged community on the Internet: they take part in discussions on forums, they comment posts on parenting blogs, they make use of tips found on various portals and they fill Instagram with photos of their children. This online activity intensifies already during the pregnancy and one of the most essential and popular topics is perinatal care and tests.  Monitoring of the baby’s health and the progress of pregnancy is a key element in medical services provided to future mothers, allowing for early detection of any anomalies. We are aware that despite the large number of publications related to perinatal tests, some mothers fail to realise how important these tests are and they do not know what to expect, what to ask the physician or where to look for reliable information. It is confirmed by the report we have prepared in collaboration with the IMM, says Robert Woytoń, M.D., a gynaecology and obstetrics specialist and the medical director at Pregnabit. In January and February 2018, the IMM monitored more than 5 thousand publications related to perinatal tests, including posts in social media, articles on portals and blogs as well as comments on forums. The report says that 54% of information about such tests can be found on Web forums and Facebook. Each month, more than 2 thousand materials on ultrasound and nearly 1 thousand materials on CTG are made available online. We invite you to read the report! Visit FB Pregnabit If you do not follow Pregnabit’s Facebook fanpage already, it is a good time to start! We have been posting live broadcasts with Ewa Mazurkiewicz who works as a midwife. The first broadcast was related to prenatal education: the forms of available courses and their benefits. During our next talk we discussed the signs of impending birth and the ways to tell it is time to leave for the hospital. Our most recent broadcast provided tips on how to pack for the hospital so as not to forget anything that is necessary. We invite you to follow our fanpage and stay tuned for the next broadcasts!  Feel free to participate and ask questions live!