Current Report No. 12/2017

Appointment of a Management Board member of the Issuer

Current Report No. 12/2017

Legal basis: § 3 (1)(7) of Exhibit 3 to the Alternative Trading System Rules “Current and Periodical Information in the Alternative Trading System on the NewConnect Market”

The Board of NESTMEDIC SA, a joint-stock company, with its registered office in Wrocław (“Company”) announces that the Supervisory Board of the Company have appointed Ms. Barbara Załęska a board member. Barbara Załęska was appointed a board member for the period starting from August 16, 2017 until the end of the current joint term of office which is due to expire on February 28, 2020.

Barbara Załęska graduated from Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw, in 2007 obtaining an MA in Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems, and Finances and Accountancy, specializing in Investment Banking. Moreover, in 2016 Barbara graduated with honors from INSEAD (France and Singapore) obtaining an MBA diploma. Barbara is also a holder of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a member of CFA Society of Poland.

Barbara has many years of professional experience working on financial markets and for a leading consultancy providing strategic advice services where she would oversee multiple projects and implementations for the biggest Polish companies in the following areas: growth strategies, big transformations and M&A.

Barbara gained her professional experience in the following organizations: (I) 2006-2007 as a System Analyst for Procter and Gamble Operations Polska sp. z o.o., (ii) 2007-2012 as a Stock Exchange Analyst for Wood & Company Financial Services, A.S. Inc. , in their office in Poland, (iii) 2012-2017 as a Consultant and Project Manager in the Warsaw office of The Boston Consulting Group sp. z o.o.

Barbara Załęska: (i) is not involved in any other professional activities outside her work for the Company which could be of material importance for the Company, (ii) has never been finally convicted of fraud over the period of the recent five years and has not been disqualified by court to act as a member of managing or supervisory bodies in commercial enterprises, (iii) is neither involved in any activity competitive to the business of the Company nor in any competition company as a partner in a private partnership or any other partnership nor as a member of any body of a capital company and is not involved in any other legal body being its member, (iv) has not been entered into the Register of Insolvent Debtors kept pursuant to the Act on the National Court Register of August 20, 1997.

Moreover, over a period of at least five years Barbara Załęska has not been involved as a member of the board of directors or supervisory board in organizations being subject to insolvency, receivership or liquidation. There are no commercial law companies in which over a period of at least last three years, Barbara Załęska has been a member of the board of directors or supervisory board, or a partner.