Presentation of the teleCTG system for midwives during the 9th National Midwifery Conference

On September 30 and October 1, in Szczyrk, “Naturalnie Położna” (A Midwife, Of Course), the 9th National Midwifery Conference was held by Stowarzyszenie Dobrze Urodzeni (“The Well-Born” Association). During her presentation for 120 midwives, Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, the CEO of Nestmedic SA, presented the Pregnabit system and the way it works. The midwives who attended the meeting work on their own, run practices for individuals or groups in the form of midwifery services or antenatal classes; they help patients prepare to labor and supervise physiological pregnancies as well as they deal with supervising in-labor women in out-of-hospital settings. In her presentation on the teleCTG, Patrycja Wizińska-Socha stressed the importance of a midwife’s role in the perinatal care and indicated how the use of Pregnabit can extend their professional independence. The conference attendees could take part in a contest organized by the Pregnabit team, with the main prize being three-month free-of-charge lease of the Pregnabit system. The winner was Ms. Ewa Prokurat from Siedlce. – Many midwives attending the conference in Szczyrk had already known Pregnabit. In conversations, they kept mentioning advantages of the mobile CTG. They appreciated the fact that the device was a professional, certified piece of medical equipment, dedicated for clinicians, including midwives. They asked questions concerning the subscription and the role of the Telemonitoring Medical Center. We were asked about the research co-operation and we also made many contacts in the group of opinion-forming midwives, says Patrycja Wizińska–Socha, MD PhD, the CEO of Nestmedic SA. This fall the Pregnabit system is to be presented to physicians and midwives during the following medical events as well as to pregnant women at numerous meetings and workshops.