Nestmedic SA concludes an agreement with Oxford Pol, a medical equipment reseller. The Company starts selling the teleCTG Pregnabit

Nestmedic SA has just concluded an agreement with Oxford Pol, a company with over thirty-year experience on the Polish market selling medical equipment. Under the arrangements being a result of the strategy of strengthening distribution channels, Oxford Pol has become an official reseller of Pregnabit, a telemedic system. Oxford Pol’s main business is selling medical equipment for gynecology, obstetrics and cardiology. Initially, the company was an exclusive reseller of the Oxford Instruments’ equipment but today it co-operates with many companies from Europe and the USA. In Poland, it has sold over 2,000 stationary cardiotocographs. From October 2017, Oxford Pol will extend its offer by CTG Pregnabit, a certified telemedic system for monitoring fetal well-being at any place and any time. – As announced, in September, we started selling the Pregnabit system in Poland. We are still developing our distribution channels, both investing our own team, and running talks with selected partners. The agreement with Oxford Pol is another step on the way to strengthening our distribution channels. Oxford Pol is a partner with multiple years’ experience with the medical industry, as well as high-level selling competencies which translate into good results in selling sophisticated medical devices. We are very pleased that such an experienced reseller joins the club of our partners, says Barbara Załęska, a Board member and Strategy and Business Development Director from Nestmedic. Delivering on and acting in line with its strategy, Nestmedic SA is working on developing its distribution network both in Poland and on foreign markets. Oxford Pol Sp. z o.o. has been around on the Polish market for over thirty years.   The main business of the company is selling medical devices, mainly for cardiology, gynecology, obstetrics and providing post-sale services. In Poland, the reseller has conducted over 250 installations of Exercise Test systems, and sold about 500 Holter sets, and over 2,000 cardiotocographs. In 2006, the company implemented a quality management system pursuant to ISO 9001:2009. Nestmedic SA was established in 2014. Within a dozen or so months, a team of highly qualified specialist, including scientists, physicians, technology experts and marketers, succeeded in creating a product which is a world-class innovation: a teleCTG telemedic system, one of the most sophisticated ones in terms of diagnostic accuracy and technological advancement to wireless monitor and analyze CTG test results in the third trimester of pregnancy. The uniqueness of the solution is based on combining Pregnabit, a professional certified teleCTG device with the 24/7 Telemonitoring Medical Center (TMC). The idea of this solution was proposed by Patrycja Wizińska – Socha, MD, PhD, and Anna Skotny, MD, PhD.